Daisy dead petal (cruelgirl820) wrote in bbblam_slam,
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Here's the thing people.I hate very little in this world,aside from stupid ,ignorant and narrow minded people.I can never understand why certain people take pride in being these things.What ? do they feel it's admirable.I was amazed the other day when some complete idiot had based a whole community to which people can come in and discuss their hatred for other groups of people.Meanwhile ,these same people were talikng about how they don't like it when they are judged on their lifestyle or opinion.Can we say Hypocrit? (btw , that is the actual actual way to spell that word, so called fucking ingenious ones they think they are.)I never understood how people can base theeir lives around hating people they have nothing to do with and have done nothing to them.Granted I am an angry indidvidual, but only because I am sick of seeing how people treat each other.I don't go and base my existance wishing harm on the innocent.I think the people that do, should have all they wish bestowed on them.It's called karma and she makes her rounds to us all.To those who were cruel she has very bitchy streak to her and I think those of us who try and do the honorable thing should sit back and laugh.That's all for now.Bye
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